Using coconut oil as a lube webcam

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using coconut oil as a lube webcam

Coconut oil is a rocking lube that, when used properly, makes for some seriously fun times in the bedroom. It’s long lasting. It’s slippery. And it’s a lot freaking cheaper than the other high-end lubes on the market. But the first time, you’re going to use too much. Put a towel down. Trust me. Coconut Oil. This oil, which comes slightly solid, but turns liquid upon contact with the skin, works as a protective layer while it keeps the moisture in your skin. It helps with inflamed and irritated skin, and sensitive skin. Coconut oil is also used for producing lather in soaps! Coconut oil is the best oil to use if you opt to use one vaginally and it is actually a great way to treat yeast infections as it contains caprylic acid. Specifically, it has been shown to be quite effective in combating Candida strains. No rooms using the tag #coconutoillube are currently allowing access to your location. The coconut oil in YES oil based applicators is certified organic and the lubricant is laboratory tested to ensure that it is free of micro-organisms. They are for once only use, delivering the lubricant directly into the vagina without using your fingers.
Can I use Coconut Oil as Sexual Lubricant? | Jo Divine
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